Quick program start

Thank you for downloading and installing our conversion software. I understand that you have a PDF file and want to convert it as soon as possible into a fully editable DWG file. In this video I will show you how to do it in only 3 minutes. It’s very easy.

Conversion Steps:

1. Step:

Dowload Here The Free Version!

2. Step:

Install the Free Version on Your Computer

3. Step:

Start the main program using the icon Print2CAD 2022. You will find this icon on your desktop.

4. Step:

Choose "Start Converter" Button. The program will start in the default settings. The settings are OK for about 75% of PDF file cases.

5. Step:

Choose the file or files you want to convert.

6. Step:

Push the Start button.

7. Step:

Wait a few seconds or minutes till the conversion is done.

8. Step:

Ready! The converted file is saved on your hard disc. You can open it now with your CAD system. You can also open the converted file with our internal Viewer DeepView.