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Free PDF to DWG Online Conversion

Free PDF to DWG Conversion on US Server

Choose the PDF file you want to convert to DWG. If the PDF file contains native PDF elements such as lines or text, then the conversion will be of excellent quality.

If the PDF features scanned raster pictures, the converted DWG or DXF will be in good raster to vector quality with horizontal/vertical lines and corner detection, circles, arcs, and wall recognition.

After the free PDF to DWG conversion we will send you a link with the download of your converted file to your Email.

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer you a Free PDF to DWG without an Email address as our software uses recognition and Raster to Vector methods, which needs about 2-5 minutes to convert.

PDF to DWG with Print2CAD™ 2020


Top PDF to DWG/DXF Conversion Software!

Software for Perfect PDF to DWG/DXF Conversion,

OCR of Non-Native PDF Text,

Coordinates Calibration, and

Raster to Vector of PDF Images.


Firstly, never try to convert copyrighted or confidential PDF Files using Free PDF to DWG Internet Conversion Services!

Secondly, Free Conversion Services Servers are generally outside of the US!

Thirdly, Free Conversion Services generally do not offer Raster 2 Vector and OCR!

In conclusion, use our “PDF to CAD” software Print2CAD 2020 on your desktop instead!

Print2CAD 2020 uses artificial intelligence methods for non-native text recognition, raster to vector, and coordinates calibration.

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