Print2CAD 2022 Quantum Converter

  • PDF to .dwg/.dxf Conversion as Fully Editable Drawing for Any CAD
  • PDF to .dwg/.dxf With Vectorization of Any PDF Raster Images
  • PDF to .dwg/.dxf Import with OCR on Non-Native PDF Text
  • PDF to .dwg/.dxf With Accurate Calibration of Coordinates
  • 3D Scan Files STL and OBJ Import and Export as .dwg or DGN
  • Recognition of Layers, Line Types, Texts, Walls, Symbols, Circles
  • .dwg to 3D/2D PDF Publisher with Interactive Templates
  • Including CADdirect .dwg/.dxf Post-Processor with CAD functions
  • Including Batch .dwg to .dwg, .dwg to DGN and DGN to .dwg

PDF Conversion As Full Editable DWG/DXF.

Print2CAD 2022 converts all PDF vectors, PDF raster images (vectorization), native and non-native PDF text (OCR). Print2CAD 2022 recognizes circles, arcs, right corners, rectangles, frames, crosses, small symbols. Print2CAD 2022 converts or recognize layers, linetypes and line weights. Print2CAD 2022 cleanup polyline verticies and reduce the number of coordiantes during the conversion. Batch conversion of hundreds of files in one run. You can increase the accuracy of the coordiantes using Calibration Points.
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Raster 2 Vector of PDF Images.

Print2CAD 2022 offers vectorization of PDF raster pictures as DWG vectors or solids using special vectorization and contourization methods. Raster image preprozessor with filling of small holes and connection of broken pixel traces corrects automatic raster pictures before vectorization and OCR of Text. Alternative vectorization as center line, outline or solid. Separation of parts of a raster picture (homogenization) and applying of appropriate raster to vector method on separated pictures.
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Artificial Intelligence Methods.

Artificial Intelligence OCR (Optical Character Recognition) of non-native PDF text – text can be as raster, lines, or solid hatches. OCR recognition of a text with all directions and inclinations. Normalize the text heights. Artificial Intelligence Calibration of the Coordinates using arbitrary Calibration Points or dimensions as reference points (automatic calculation of correct scale factor).
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3D Scan to DWG Converter, Editor and Viewer (rendering).

With Print2CAD 2022 Quantum you can import the standard 3D scan STL and OBJ files and save it as 3D DWG for CAD import. Print2CAD offers enhanced 3D scan editing tools (moving, streching, deleting of scan points). 3D Scans can be just in time realistic rendered and time viewed using orbit functions. 3D scans can be exported as DWG and DGN.
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Advanced PDF Publishing Features.

Batch DWG/DXF in PDF conversion using color / line weight table or CTB files. Publishing of DWG/DXF as interactive PDF files. 3D DWG publishing with attractive PDF templates. PDF to raster image conversion. PDF cold view of suspicious PDF files. Integrated PDF viewer with element separation and measurement. Integrated DWG/DXF postprozessor for file structure check, layer and color changing.
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The differences between "Print2CAD 2022" and "AutoCAD 2021 PDFimport":

  • Raster images are fully vectorized and inserted into the converted DWG
  • Text that originally used SHX fonts is recognized (ORC)
  • Text as Raster Image is recognized (OCR)
  • Text that used TrueType fonts is preserved
  • AI OCR of Text in all directions
  • Smart Layer Reconstruction
  • Smart Symbol Recognition
  • Markups are imported


USA/Canada: (727) 303-0383, Other Countries: +1 (727) 303-0383, All prices plus tax if requited by your location.

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Print2CAD 2022 Qunatum License

US$ 199 Perpetual

  • PDF to DWG/DXF and more
  • 6. Mo. Support
  • English, German, Spanish
  • Raster 2 Vector and OCR
  • CADdirect DWG/DXF Editor
  • Coordinates Calibration

Print2CAD 2022 Qunatum Upgrade

US$ 99 For Users Only

  • PDF to DWG/DXF
  • 6. Mo. Support
  • English, German, Spanish
  • Raster 2 Vector and OCR
  • CADdirect DWG/DXF Editor
  • Coordinates Calibration

Print2CAD 2022 Upgrade with CADdirect 2022

US$ 170 Perpetual

  • Upgrade Print2CAD 2022
  • Plus CADdirect 2022
  • Special Bundle Price
  • As Upgrade From
  • Previous Versions
  • English, German, Spanish

Print2CAD 2022 with CADdirect 2022

US$ 299 Perpetual

  • Print2CAD 2022
  • Plus Bonus CADdirect 2022
  • Special Bundle Price
  • Raster 2 Vector and OCR
  • 3D PDF Publishing
  • English, German, Spanish

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PDF to CAD Converter Screenshots.

Convert all PDF vectors and native PDF text, recognize circles and arcs, recognize right corners, frames, crosses, and recognize layers. OCR of not native text – text can be as raster, lines, or solid hatches. Use Fuzzy Login for Symbol Recognition. Separate parts of a raster picture and apply appropriate raster to vector method. Vectorize as lines, arcs, circles, Recognize layers and line weight. Recognize corners and symbols. Calibrate the CAD coordinates using arbitrary calibration points. Use dimensions as reference points. Automatic calculate correct scale factors.

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